Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is one who does not shy away from engaging in whatever controversy there is. After undergoing scrutiny for his medical history, the Republican nominee has bombarded rival Hillary Clinton with health-related attacks over the last two weeks.

He said Clinton lack mental and physical stamina to handle the presidency.

But recently, Trump has his own health issues. This after Harold Bornstein revealed to NBC News that he wrote his client's medical narrative in five minutes and purposely imitated the candidate's rhetorical approach. A clean bill of health has been affirmed on the assessment.

Meanwhile, physician Lisa Bardack summarized in a letter last year that Hillary Clinton is in excellent physical condition and fit to serve as President of the United States. On the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" TV show, the Democratic presidential candidate dubbed Trump's comments as a "paranoid fever dream."

Speculations on a candidate's medical history are not new. In fact, eight years ago, a woman told then Republican candidate John McCain that she's concerned about the eventual health of President Barack Obama. Earlier, Trump adviser Rudy Giuliani said on Fox News that several signs of Clinton's health woes were covered up by the media.  The claim has focused on varying levels of head injury or brain affliction wherein Clinton's physician signed the supposed records.

The episode may have risen from a December 2012 incident when the former Secretary of State had a concussion sustained during a fall. Although Clinton has recovered from a blood clot behind her ear for a month, conspiracy theories continue to mount. In fact, Spokeswoman Katrina Pierson commented on MSNBC that Hillary has dysphasia -- a brain condition that affects a person's ability to speak and comprehend. Interestingly, what ramped up the attacks on Clinton's health is something that has blown flat on Trump's face through Bornstein's revelation.