Weeks from now, Donald Trump will be facing Hillary Clinton on American politics' grand stage. The Commission on Presidential Debates has announced the moderators for the political showdown. On September 26, 2016, NBC News' Lester Holt will handle the proceedings. Martha Raddatz from ABC and Anderson Cooper of CNN will join hands on October 9. Chris Wallace from Fox News will be at the podium on October 19. Meanwhile, CBS News' Elaine Quijano will be in the Vice Presidential mix on the 4th of October.

This presidential debate will be critical in a way. Gone are former moderators Bob Shieffer, Jim Lehrer and Candy Crowley who have all retired from regular television work. It is interesting to note that Trump has a couple of steps already inside the track. Primarily, the absence of a Hispanic personality on stage practically lessens inquiries associated with the immigration policy of the billionaire businessman who, since day one after joining the race, has called on the expulsion of US non-citizens especially Latinos. In part the anticipated bias against Trump may have pushed the Commission to forego the selection of a Hispanic moderator. Secondly, the presence of Wallace on the seat may be in favor of the Republican presidential candidate considering that the Fox News anchor is closely associated with Trump's adviser Roger Ailes.

Whether the two elements will factor out during the debate remain to be seen. Presidential debates should be about the candidates rhetorically outwitting each other on stage with minimal interference from the moderator who is steering the proceedings. However, when Wallace told his Fox colleague Howard Kurtz that he does not believe that it's his job to be a truth squad, there is a reason to be wary considering that twisted facts and overblown declarations made by Trump can be misinterpreted by the national audience.

Looking closely, it will also be intriguing to see Trump answer Lester Holt's line of questioning. The NBC News' mainstay has pressed for evidence on the Republican's accusation that Clinton was asleep during the Benghazi proceedings. Martha Raddatz of ABC fame has also confronted Trump on his statement that Senator John McCain is not a war hero during an interview. For now, the selection of mediators for the event somehow provides a setting as to how the debate will play out.