Ben Affleck Actually Thought Kissing Another Man Was The Major Turning Point Of His Career

By Carie P. | Jul 20, 2017 05:15 PM EDT

Ben Affleck had just shared some of his realizations pertaining to his career as a Hollywood actor. It was said that when he kissed another man in one of his films, he actually thought that was a major turning point of his career in the industry.

In the movie Chasing Amy, Ben Affleck had a gay kiss when he shared a peck on the lips with his best friend. It was said that his character in the said movie was a straight man but after the kiss, he was perceived to be a gay man. The said 1997 comedy film was directed by Kevin Smith and he had a pretty clear memory of that part of the film in the set.

According to Popsugar, Kevin shared that Ben Affleck and his co-star Jason Lewis were really nervous about shooting and filming the kiss. But the two actors showed their professionalism despite the reports that many actors during that time would shy away from any kind of homosexual association in the 1990s.

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The said director also recalled the exact words of Ben Affleck on the day that certain scene was filmed. The actor said that a man kissing another man is the greatest acting challenge an actor can come across with. Then after the filming of the scene, Ben added that he can already consider himself as a serious actor.

But Kevin shared that as for the scene, for him it was not very intimate at all that's why he was not sure what Ben Affleck and Jason Lewis were worried about. Instead, the two actors appeared more like two people just smashing their faces together.

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck is currently in his divorce settlement with Jennifer Garner after their separation became official the other month. After that report, the actor is caught in another controversy and this time, it involves another woman who allegedly was the third party in the couple's split.

Reports were claiming that Ben Affleck and this woman named Lindsay Shookus were actually dating even before the couple split. Until now, the rumored couple has been spotted in together enjoin dates and dinners.

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