‘Game Of Thrones’ Animated Prequel ‘Doom Of Valyria’ Delves Into Downfall Of The Great Civilization

By Dipannita | Jul 11, 2017 03:48 PM EDT

"Game of Thrones" Season 7 is all set to premiere this Sunday and it will take one more season for the HBO series to bring down the curtains on the popular show. Nevertheless, spin-offs based on the HBO show are in the making and now Patrick McCarthy has shared a prequel of sorts in the form of an animated video titled "Doom of Valyria" that talks about the downfall of the great civilization.

With "Game of Thrones" inching closer to its end, talks about spin-offs have only gotten stronger but now a prequel has been released by Patrick McCarthy. According to Gizmodo, McCarthy has come up with an animated video running up to 20 minutes under the title "Doom of Valyria." It is a prequel of sorts and takes on the great Valyrian civilization- the one to which the Targaryens belonged. It is the result of two years of hard work and the work does seem substantial.

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"Doom of Valyria" is about the downfall of the mighty Valyrian civilization and begins with the first incestuous wedding in the Targaryen Empire. "Doom of Valyria" traces the story of Gaemon and Daenys, who are all set to get married in a turbulent atmosphere as there is widespread concern about the nature of the marriage taking place in the royal household.

In the meantime, it is being said that the animated prequel could serve as an inspiration for the supposed spin-offs that are in the making, SlashFilm claimed. Since all the spin-offs have been confirmed to be prequels, the speculations have begun to appear little convincing as well but till HBO confirms anything about the "Game of Thrones" spin-offs, fans would have to keep their fingers crossed.

Till then, they can watch Patrick McCarthy's "Doom of Valyria" as he has invested quite a lot of time in making the animated prequel. When they are done, they would not have to wait much as "Game of Thrones" Season 7 is premiering in just four days.

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