Prototype Cell Phone Created To Make Calls Even Without Battery

By Carie P. | Jun 29, 2017 06:15 PM EDT

Latest reported confirmed that a prototype cell phone was invented which can make calls even if it does not have a battery. This cell phone was the result of Vamsi Talla's years-long quest of research at the laboratory of Joshua Smith.

Vamsi Talla brought another innovation in the world of smartphones and technology when he tried to call using his prototype cell phone. When his words were audible in a cluttered laboratory at the University of Washington, everything became revolutionary as his words can be heard at all.

According to WIRED, the prototype cell phone which can function to make calls even without the battery draws power from thin air. Because of this, a lot were amazed by Talla's research and latest discovery who has been researching on computer science and electrical engineering at the University of Washington.

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When Talla was asked by Smith or one device he could pick to make battery-free, without hesitation, Talla answered cell phone. He believed that cell phone is one of the most useful objects the people have right now and imagine life if people can still send messages and make calls even without a battery.

Since the prototype cell phone will not function without a battery, it needs an energy which might be found on its surroundings. The said phone worked because of ambient light which turned into a trickle of electricity with photodiodes or solar panels.

With that, the battery-free cell phone can depend on radio-frequency TV and Wi-Fi broadcasts which can be converted into energy because of their antenna. This now generates few tens of microwatts through the hybrid system. But the traditional phones sometimes need tens of thousands of milliwatts to make a call.

Smith's lab tackled communication first that' why through Talla's work, they were able to come up with this kind of device that can make calls. The lab developed a technique which is referred to as the backscatter that lets a device to communicate by reflecting radio waves.

Meanwhile, Talla claimed that a lot of power is needed when analog human speech is being converted to digital signals. The prototype cell phone was able to make calls since the backscatter process used for voice calls is in fact analog.

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