OnePlus 5 Uses Optic AMOLED Display Like 3T; Comes With Latest Snapdragon Processor

By Carie P. | Jun 22, 2017 06:19 PM EDT

Most OnePlus users were thrilled with the release of the new OnePlus 5 yesterday which reportedly uses an optic AMOLED display just like the 3T. Before the launching, it was claimed that the said device was one of the most anticipated smartphones of this year.

Apart from its AMOLED display just like the OnePlus 3T, the OnePlus 5 also comes with the latest Snapdragon processor. Additionally, it also sports a dual camera and an enhanced design compared to the 3T. However, the company decided to use the same display panel in OnePlus 3T which is the optic AMOLED display.

According to GSM Arena, the similarity in the said display was detected through the AIDA64 which is primarily a software and hardware information utility application for Android platform. It was then found out that the OnePlus 5 actually did not have hardware improvements at all when it comes to display.

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It was also discovered that a Samsung s6E3FA5 display panel was used on OnePlus 5 and with that of OnePlus 3T. But one key and outstanding feature of the said device is its cool software trick for display. Through this feature, the user can make use of its Reading Mode which automatically switches color temperature based on the condition of the light.

With regards to the previous reports, the OnePlus 5 was considered as one of the coolest Android phones because of its reasonable cost matched with its great specifications. It was claimed that the device was offered at starting price below $500 which is already affordable for a great Android phone.

Other great features of the OnePlus 5 include its Gorilla Glass 5 protection that seals the display panel. This is totally different from that of the Gorilla Glass 4 protection on the OnePlus 3T. This was just another improvement the company made in their latest device.

Having the same Optic AMOLED display panel in OnePlus 5 is not a big deal at all since there are still more great features of the device. The users can take advantage and pleasure from exploring the great things worth checking in the latest handset of OnePlus.

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