Historic Nazi Artifacts Discovered In Argentina: Officials Believe All Belongs To Top Nazi Officials

By Dipannita | Jun 22, 2017 06:37 AM EDT

In Argentina's capital Buenos Aires, an art collector is said to have housed Nazi artifacts in a hidden room. Officials believe that the treasure trove is original and belonged to the high ranking Nazis, during the World War II.

In the suburban area of Buenos Aires, officials have discovered original Nazi artifacts in an art collector's home. All the 75 artifacts that have been discovered were in a hidden room in the house and the officials have said that the objects must have belonged to high-rank Nazis of Germany, ABC News reported.

The report states that the treasure trove includes a magnifying glass, boxes with swastikas, a bust relief of Adolf Hitler, a Nazi hourglass, toys and a box of harmonicas, amongst other things. However, the most enthralling piece that has been discovered by the officials is a photo negative of Adolf Hitler, which has him holding the magnifying glass.

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The head of Argentina's federal police, Nestor Roncaglia further stated that they have been seeking the advice of historians and they suggested that the magnifying glass is an original one. But, to further strengthen the authenticity of the discovered objects, the officials are seeking the help of international experts.

Notably, the discovery was made after officials raided the art collector's Beccar home in search of illegal artwork, earlier this month. However, their search led them to a passageway behind a large bookshelf and ultimately to a room that was filled with the Nazi artifacts, New York Post claimed.

Moreover, the officials believe that the Nazi objects were probably brought into Argentina when the country became the place for refugees and war criminals fleeing Europe. It must be mentioned that Josef Mengele, popular for his deadly experiments on prisoners in the concentration camps lived for a decade in Buenos Aires, before moving to Paraguay.

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