Steaming Fish More Effective In Eliminating Cyanotoxin Than Boiling, Says Study

By Dipannita | Jun 21, 2017 05:07 PM EDT

Steaming freshwater fish is a healthier cooking option than boiling it. A recent study done by researchers at the University of Seville has come to this conclusion as it found that steaming brings down cyanotoxin by 26% while boiling does it by only 18%. It also found that biotoxins are released in the water that is used for cooking the fish.

A recent study has found that steaming freshwater fish makes it safer from cyanotoxins in comparison to boiling, Science Daily claimed. The study was conducted by the Department of Nutrition and Bromatology at the University of Seville and it found that if freshwater fish is steamed for a duration lasting above two minutes then it cuts down the cyanotoxin by 26% which gets reduced by only 18% when it is boiled. The study also deduced that these biotoxins get transferred to the water which is used for cooking.

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Notably, cyanotoxins are harmful toxins that get passed on to the water which is used for cooking. They are generated by cyanobacteria, a bacteria group that can be encountered in freshwater. They can also affect the functioning of different organs like lungs, intestines, heart and kidney, US Weekly has learned. Biology experts have already warned people about these toxins entering the human body.

However, these toxins are emerging in nature and therefore, researches are being done on them to assess the dangerous effects that they can wield on the environment and human beings. Also, it is worth keeping in mind that cyanotoxins are also present in foods that are sourced from plants. The plants may get contaminated with the toxin-containing water that was used to irrigate them.

It may be mentioned here that cyanotoxins are found globally and there is a serious lack of scientific studies about their nature and functioning. The European Food Safety Authority has pointed out this fact but with this study, it is hoped that more research work will be undertaken in future to ensure the safety of human beings.

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