Carrie Fisher's Autopsy Reveals Presence Of Multiple Drugs In Her System While Actress Went Into Cardiac Arrest

By Carie P. | Jun 20, 2017 08:24 PM EDT

Carrie Fisher's latest autopsy just revealed that the actress had actually multiple drugs in her system while she went into cardiac arrest on a flight before she died. A report which was released last Monday that there was a mixture of drugs in the actress system when she went into a cardiac arrest then died.

As examined by a Los Angeles County coroner, Carrie Fisher's autopsy revealed that there were substances in her body or system like methadone, cocaine, MDMA or ecstasy, opiates, and alcohol when she was rushed to the hospital December last year. In the said toxicology report, Fisher's body was found to be exposed to heroin but the dose is hard to determine.

Even if it was established that Carrie Fisher's system was exposed to heroin before her death, it was still hard to determine if the time of the exposure and the dose played a crucial role in the cause of death of the actress. According to the Los Angeles Times, the report also showed that maybe the cocaine was consumed within 72 hours before the actress' demise.

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After reportedly consuming the said substances, Carrie Fisher was rushed to the hospital after she went into a cardiac arrest. The doctors who attended to her even tried to revive her life but not long, the officials declared the actress dead. Moreover, the cause of death listed was apnea along with other factors and not because of the drug overdose.

But the coroner cited other factors as the cause of Carrie Fisher's death like drug use and atherosclerotic heart disease. The body was not dissected because this was a family's request; instead, they performed CT scans of the body.

Because of this latest confirmation and report regarding the real cause of Carrie Fisher's death, her family members released official statements recently. Her daughter, Billie Lourd said that her mother really battled drug addiction and struggled with mental illness and she thought that these were the ultimate causes of her death.

Meanwhile, her brother Todd Fisher also shared that Carrie Fisher's battle with drug use and emotional disorder put her health at risk and were the main reasons why she died. Because of this, the family learned to accept the real cause of the actress' death.

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