Dubai Takes Technological Leap Of Faith, Introduces Its First Robot Officer To Police Force

By Carie P. | May 23, 2017 02:26 PM EDT

Dubai just took a significant technological leap of faith as the country introduced its first robot officer in its police force. With his, it looks like the country is planning to replace its human police officer with innovative instruments like robots.

The said robot which will be used and will join the Dubai police force was created and designed by PLA Robotics, a popular Spanish company. It was also reported that the robot police officer stands 5 feet and 6 inches and features a white plastic armor. To complete its gear, it also rides on its wheels same with human police officers.

Engadget reported that the inclusion of robot police officer is just the first step of the police department of one of the seven countries in the United Arab Emirates. With this, the country made use of technology to boost and enhance the services of their police and peace-keeping forces.

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With the latest report, Dubai was planning to have 25 percent of its police force composed of robots and their target will be in the year 2030. It was claimed further reported that by the year 2030, the country is also gearing towards the creation of a smart police station that will already replace human employees.

With this innovation in the Dubai police department, some people were thinking of what the robot police officer can do and if it can really replace human police officers. Express reported that the robot features a touch screen interface which will make it possible for people to report crimes easily.

Through the touch screen interface as well as its integrated tablet located on the robot's midsection, people can just simply pay fines for traffic violations and submit paperwork. Because of these features, the Dubai Police Department uses the term, "smart" to call their new robot police officers.

Even if this smart robot police officer can replace human police officers in the future, people might feel hesitant to report crimes and ask for help. If this will be the case, Dubai Police Department needs to review this technological leap in order to prevent underreporting too.

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