Robot Perform Delicate Eye Surgery With More Precision In United Kingdom Hospital

By Dipannita | May 12, 2017 02:30 AM EDT

A hospital in the United Kingdom conducted the surgery of the human eye with precision that is 10x more than surgery that is human led. Robots have significantly made progress in the last few decades and performing surgery of the delicate eye surgery is something that is a new achievement.

Robots have come a long way, especially during the last few decades, replacing large machines. And, today it has been modified and upgraded to carry on complex tasks like surgery on human eyes. A hospital in the United Kingdom recently conducted a trial wherein human surgeons and robots competed against each other to carry out surgery of the delicate human eyes, Live Science reported.

As a part of the trial, two groups of 6 patients each were created. One group underwent the human led, traditional surgery procedure while the other group had robot performing the operation. The findings suggest that the robot performed the surgery with 10x precision when compared with the human surgeon performing the surgery.

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According to reports from Digital Trends, it was the first robot assisted surgery that was performed in the eye. The research coordinator of the Medical Sciences Division of Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Marco Bellini has said, "The robotic device is able to perform surgical procedures through the conventional surgical portholes used for retinal 'keyhole' surgery."

Notably, the robotic device for surgery was developed by the Dutch engineering company, Preceyes. The best part for these remotely controlled robots is that it can perform surgery more accurate, even for delicate surgery, even though it can move up/down, left/right and towards the head/feet only. But, the precision of the surgery that it can perform through a hole of less than 1 millimeter is extremely high.

Additionally, the Preceyes team is also optimizing the prototype to further increase the reliability and also the versatility of the robot to better perform surgeries in the coming days and with the same, if not more, precision.

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