Scientists Discover New Species Of Dinosaur Similar To One Of ‘Ghostbusters’ Villains

By Carie P. | May 12, 2017 02:26 AM EDT

A group of scientists just discovered a new species of dinosaur which is similar to one of the villains in the 1984 film, "Ghostbusters." It was reported that the newly-discovered species is a club-tailed dinosaur.

Reports escalated that this new discovery will give some light to the diversity of the dinosaur species which were once prevalent during the end of the dinosaurs' era. The scientists called these dinosaurs, Zuul Crurivastators which were named after the demigod Zuul in the "Ghostbusters" film.

According to Los Angeles Times, this dinosaur is 20 feet long and one of its significant body parts is its tail which takes half of its body length. Looking at its tail, it is composed of spikes while the end is like a sledgehammer club.

Apart from those features, the dinosaur also has two horns located on its skull. This makes it look more like that of the demigod villain Zuul in the popular film. Then a paleontologist at the Royal Ontario Museum shared that it weighs 5, 500 pounds.

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Those features make the dinosaur appear ghostly and eerie. Moreover, the scientists believed that this species of dinosaur roamed the earth 75 million years back and they are considered as herbivorous. Reports were claiming that the discovery was just accidental since the scientists were actually looking for another kind of dinosaur.

 It was then believed that this dinosaur belongs to ankylosaur species because of the spikes along its tail and the skull. The scientists were stunned at first upon discovering it because it has a complete tail and skull.

One thing more, Science News reported that the scientists were more surprised upon learning and seeing that the fossil of the newly-discovered dinosaur was preserved well. Because of this, they made the conclusion that perhaps, the dinosaur resembling that of the demigod villain in "Ghostbusters" was buried in sediment after it died.

It was originally thought and believed that only one or two species of dinosaurs roamed North America million years ago. But with the discovery of the new species that looks like the villain in "Ghostbusters", scientists believe that there are still more species out there that need to be discovered.

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