‘World’s Heaviest Woman’ Suffers Cardiac Issue, Triggers Feud Between Indian Doctors & Her Family [Report]

By Carie P. | May 08, 2017 06:39 AM EDT

The world's heaviest woman is reportedly suffering several health conditions including a cardiac issue after being treated in a hospital in India. Because of this, her family is not that pleased with the treatments she underwent in the said place.

Eman Abd El Aty, the world's heaviest woman was treated in an Indian hospital and left the medical facility last Thursday. Originally weighing 500 kg, the doctors who attended to her, claimed that she just lost more than 250 kg. After that, reports escalated that she was transferred to a hospital in UAE.

Aside from being too obese, the doctors in UAE were the ones who discovered that Eman is suffering from cardiac issue besides that bed sores. Due to these latest claims, a feud was triggered between her family and her past doctors.

According to BBC, the family of the world's heaviest woman is claiming that Eman's treatment in a hospital in India has given her side effects including her inability to move and speak. But the said hospital did not support those claims as they strongly said that those were simply allegations.

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Eman's family is also claiming that she, in fact, did not lose weight. However, as of the moment, the hospital in UAE where she is being treated released a statement. Abu Dhabi's Burjeel Hospital shared that a group of doctors and specialists are currently attending to the world's heaviest woman at the moment.

Other than the cardiac issue, Eman is undergoing intensive treatment since reports were swirling that she is facing a lot of health conditions. The world's heaviest woman is also struggling from a health condition which complicates her urinary tract infection.

In order to help her in her condition and to assuage her family, Mirror reported that the doctors are doing everything so her condition will be improved. Eman's health condition is an utmost priority of the hospital at the moment. The doctors need to make sure that she can manage to sit even without the assistance of other people.

Previous claims reported that the doctors in India where she was first treated put Eman into a strict diet consisting of liquid intake only to help in her weight loss. The doctors later claimed that they need to do this so that they will be able to perform a very crucial surgery to the world's heaviest woman.

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