Scientists Develop Artificial Plastic Womb, Could Be Helpful To Premature Babies [Report]

By Carie P. | Apr 27, 2017 09:43 AM EDT

A group of scientist was able to experiment on the effectiveness of an artificial plastic womb which could be later used to premature babies. With this latest breakthrough in science, it was revealed that this resembles that of a natural womb.

Reports were telling that in the future, those babies which are born prematurely can later rely on the efficiency of the newly-created artificial plastic womb. In the process of creating this, the scientists conducted a test using three lambs that were able to survive in the artificial plastic womb.

This artificial plastic womb as per CNN is actually made of plastic which contains amniotic fluid the same with those found in pregnant women. This amniotic fluid contains substances that could provide all the nutrients which are greatly needed for the growth of the fetus. Moreover, it also contains an interface which will be the one to bring oxygen to the fetus just like the function of the umbilical cord. Then it also has the ability to transport gasses just like the placenta.

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Because it imitates that of a pregnant woman womb, the scientists hope that in the near future, it could also be used to help premature babies. According to the scientist, they hope that this system can also replicate the environment of the womb and can also serve functions like that of the placenta.

But the goal of the creation of this artificial plastic womb is to help mothers who gave birth to babies with extreme cases of prematurity. It was revealed that from the data in the U.S., 1 out of 10 births are premature while some babies are born in crucial preterm.

And worse as per Mirror, those babies which are born in extreme premature cases are sometimes exposed to possible death. Usually, the cause of infant mortality is prematurity which some pregnant women cannot avoid in most cases.

This artificial plastic womb has features to be able to support a stable development of the fetus. And once confirmed that this can be used too for premature babies, there is certainty that infant morbidity will be lessened at some point.

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