PeriodicStats Give Students Access To Interactive Chemistry Learning [Report]

By Carie P. | Apr 26, 2017 06:50 PM EDT

For most students, high school and college alike, chemistry has been giving them many troubles most especially with the use of a periodic table of elements. With this, experts were able to devised ways in order to lessen their burden with the help of PeriodicStats.

Chemistry is a dreaded subject for most students that's why they find it difficult to comprehend topics covered by this branch of science. And when they are taking that subject, they need to equip themselves with one school requirement and that is the periodic table of elements.

Even with the presence of the periodic table of elements, still, students find it hard to understand every topic as well as the basic properties of these elements. This is the reason experts were able to come up with PeriodicStats, and according to The Next Web, it is an improved periodic table of elements.

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PeriodicStats is a handy tool that can help students with their struggles in Chemistry. It has the ability to guide the students in studying the different elements and eventually can fully understand the complexities of the traditional periodic table of elements.

This PeriodicStats can just be accessed for free since this is an Internet-based program which is also smartly designed. In its look, the elements are arranged in a well-structured manner and the properties of each element are being put together. Moreover, this PeriodicStats is also interactive which could lead to better and fast learning.

To illustrate, a student can just click any element in the PeriodicStats if he wants to check the properties of that element. Then after clicking, the PeriodicStats will quickly present information about the element like density, the type of substance, and the year of its discovery.

The perks of the application don't just end there since this interactive periodic table can also provide information regarding the ionization as well as the electron properties of every element as per Scoopnest. Apart from these, PeriodicStats also has a search engine which could allow students to group elements according to their magnetism, boiling and melting point plus their bonding.

Even professionals, as well as non-students, can also take advantage from this interactive periodic table. If they want to know the uses of the different elements in the real world, PeriodicStats can offer them that.

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