U.S. Strengthens Military Defense With Japan: South Korea To Stop North Korea’s Nuclear Tests Programs

By Carie P. | Apr 26, 2017 06:48 PM EDT

The U.S. government through the administration of President Donald Trump has been conducting military exercises with countries in Asia like Japan and South Korea. This has been initiated to put an end and halt North Korea's attempts over its nuclear tests programs.

When North Korea made it official that it will run some nuclear tests, some countries in the world were threatened. One of these was United States of America who is now seeking for diplomatic solutions if there will be no effective ways to deal with this as per Washington Post.

At this time, U.S. is reportedly conducting military exercises with Japan and South Korea in order to show a shared commitment to stability and security. Last Tuesday, the U.S. just started its maritime exercises through its USS Wayne E. Meyer with South Korea's Yellow Sea. Meanwhile, aside from this military collaboration, another Navy destroyer named USS Fitzgerald is also doing some drills with a Japanese destroyer this time in the Sea of Japan as per Star Tribune.

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It was also reported before that U.S. is pressuring China to influence North Korea's nuclear tests programs. In terms of economics, North Korea has been relying so much to China most especially on its oil supply.

There were reports before that China is planning to stop the supply of oil to North Korea as a way to pressure the country too. However, some economic experts were telling that China needs to reconsider this since they will also be greatly affected if this happens.

Sean Spicer, the White House Secretary just mentioned that U.S. has been initiating on ways to solve this problem diplomatically. This is also the reason why they need to pressure China and some other countries to sue their economic and political tools to attain stabilization in the Asian region.

Due to the reports that U.S. has been conducting military exercises with Japan and South Korea, North Korea just gave a warning that they will also deal with this military aggression through nuclear attacks. U.S is persistent with giving the warning to stop North Korea's strategic aggravations.

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