‘Persona 5’ Now PC Playable In PS3 Emulator, Opening Inspired by ‘Yuri On Ice’

By N. Gutierrez | Apr 04, 2017 09:59 AM EDT

The "Phantom Thieves of Hearts" are now up, in action and running in PC as “Persona 5” is reported to be playable through a PS3 emulator. What’s more is that more DLCs are yet to come for the second-best-reviewed game worldwide.

According to Gadgets 360, “Persona 5” release is April 4 and is up for the cost of Rs. 3,999 on PSN, and around Rs. 4,290 for a physical copy via eBay. Meanwhile, its U.S. price is $60 and 60 Euros in Europe. The U.S., Europe and some retail shops like eBay India were then reported to sell the game early than April 4.

The “Persona 5” PC version was then said to be possible through Nekotekina, who developed the RPCS3 app per Venture Beat. The RPCS3 PS3 emulator was then said to run smoothly as a video of the game running in PC was uploaded on a “Windows machine with an Intel i7-5930K processor.”

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Speaking of game review on the PC, “Persona 5 is literally 10 times faster in all scenarios now, going from about 1 to about 10 FPS in the opening scene for example,” was shared in a blog. “In battles and dungeons, Persona 5 can peak at 30 FPS already.” Meanwhile, players could view the full DLC schedule and features of the JRPG game here.

 “Persona 5” also offers other editions aside from its standard edition. The game’s special Take Your Heart Edition was then mentioned to be at the price similar to the standard edition for $90 in the U.S. and 90 Euros in Europe. Inclusions were said to be the steel book, bag and art book. Players were then said to gain access and choose tracks from the original game track.

Regarding “Yuri on Ice” connection with “Persona 5,” it’s obvious that the protagonists in the game aren't figure skaters. Yet, Yuri’s moves on the “Yuri On Ice” coincides with the end part of the “Persona 5” opening theme. Wiki A then explained that Sayo Yamamoto was responsible for both the leads moves in both openings as Atlus asked for help.

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