The Largest Dinosaur Footprint Is Found In Australia

By Arnab Banerjee | Mar 28, 2017 11:01 AM EDT

Scientists have recently discovered the largest ever Dinosaur footprint in the coast of Australia. The footprints are found at a 25 kilometers stretch at the coast of Australia which is really convincing to many scientists and archeologists.

According to the scientists and archeologists, the dinosaur footprints are approximately 130 million old. These dinosaur footprints only can be studied in the low tide scenario. These footprints can't be hidden by the crocodiles, shark and other animals. These discoveries are really overwhelming to the scientists. 

Steve Salisbury who is the Scientist of the University Of Queensland has said that it is an amazing discovery at the same time, it is very difficult to find this kind of footmarks in any other part of the world. Most importantly according to him, there is nowhere in the world which have such good track of dinosaur footmarks.

The dinosaurs footprints which were found is really big. To be precise, the footprints are approximately 1.75 meters long. Scientists and paleontologists believe that it is a footprint of giant sauropod which is kind of long-necked herbivore. There are no other dinosaur footprints found which were even close to the size of this footprint.

Scientists believe that the area was the living place of species like stegosaurus which is the largest living dinosaur. If the assumption is correct then scientists are expecting larger footprints than this one. At the same time, scientists are also assuming that the place was home to the meat-eating theropods.  Theropods also can leave very impressive footprints as well. The footprints of the therapods can be similar to the footprints of T-Rex which was shown in the movie 'Jurrasic Park'. 

A press release from the University Of Queensland also stated that the area is the most diverse Jurassic Park in the world. At the same time, scientists are expecting to discover the footprints of other different types of dinosaurs as well.

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