Facebook Live Streaming Feature Is Now Avialable In Desktop and Laptop

By Arnab Banerjee | Mar 23, 2017 03:38 PM EDT

Facebook had enabled the live streaming facilities in different smartphone and tablets. This feature allowed the k users Facebook users update their presence live. This feature got really popular in a very quick time and millions of users used the Facebook live feature after it was enabled. After reaching a significant number of users on Facebook live in the smartphones and tablets, now Facebook has launched the 'live' feature of Desktops and laptops.

The 'live video' features have been recently added to the desktop/laptop version of the Facebook. Once you opt for the live video streaming, then a user have to choose the target audience before the broadcasting is started.

Facebook live feature for desktop or laptop can be used by a user who has a working webcam and microphone. It is expected that the Facebook 'live' feature will be more efficient in the desktop version, as the camera in the desktop is more stable and at the same time, it is more powerful as well.

Social media experts believe that the move will help the Facebook to secure its position among different social media platforms. Simultaneously, the introduction of the video platform will add lot more flexibility to the Facebook as a social networking site. In the last couple of years, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, really have pushed for the empowerment of video platform in the Facebook. Now it looks like the move has helped the leading social networking site a lot.

Though, there are few concerns over the launch of Facebook 'live' feature. There are some people who have raised their concerns by saying it will provoke people to share violent content and it will have a negative impact on the people. Therefore, Facebook should take this matter into account and address such issues promptly.  

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