Today there are more career options in the world than ever before. And people have different hopes and goals for their careers. Some people want a career that they can advance quickly in, while others are interested in the amount of money that they can earn. Some people choose careers based on their interests and passions while others want a job where they can be creative and come up with innovative ideas. On the other hand, some people decide on a career based on how much good they can do, how they can help others from their position and their chance at making a real difference in the world. If you are one of these people and can't imagine working in a role where you aren't focused on helping others the majority of the time, here are some of the best career options to consider.


The police are essential to helping and protecting others, keeping communities safe with the work that they do by apprehending criminals, providing protection and education. The Wilfrid Laurier policing degree can be a great way to get started on your pathway into a policing career. Along with the fact that police officers routinely help others and save lives, this could be the perfect career option for you if you are the type of person who doesn't like being bored and want a job where no two days are going to be the same. Career advancement opportunities are abundant in the police and the demand for good officers is high no matter where you go, but especially in cities with larger populations.


There is currently a growing shortage of primary care physicians, and if you are interested in medicine and helping others get through diseases and injuries, a career as a doctor could be for you. Becoming a medical doctor is often seen as the most highly respected career in the healthcare field and there are several opportunities to specialise in a wide variety of different healthcare areas, diseases and patients based on what you are the most interested in doing. Doctors work in offices, hospitals, and many other settings and can earn a very generous salary.


If the several years required in medical school isn't for you, you might want to think about the next best thing - a career in nursing. With a nursing degree, you can get into a job where you will be spending every day helping people through some of the most frightening and painful times of their lives, being the support that they need no matter what they are going through. Nurses are not only often the first port of call for patients who come into the emergency room after an accident or when they are in serious pain, but they also help patients who are dealing with long-term conditions, life-changing disabilities and injuries, and much more. With a career in nursing, the opportunities for progression and advancement are huge and there are several areas that you can get into from working with older people, new mothers, or children to specialising in patients with certain diseases. Nurses are not only necessary in hospitals but also in outpatient clinics, doctors' clinics, communities, prisons, schools, research facilities and more.


If you like the idea of a job where you can help others make sense of the tough situations that they might be going through or things that they have experienced in the past and how it has affected them today, a career as a therapist might be an ideal choice for you. As a therapist, there is the chance to be either employed by a company or work as a self-employed professional, making this an ideal choice for somebody who wants to start their own business helping others or wants the ability to find work that they can do both as employment and a side hustle. Therapists work with people from all walks of life to help with mental health, troubling situations, trauma and more. They provide a safe and confidential space for people to come and talk about things that they might not feel comfortable telling anybody else in their lives.


Aside from their parents, teachers are the individuals that have the biggest impact on a growing child. Teaching is about much more than simply sharing your knowledge of a subject with your students. As a teacher, you will often be one of the most trusted adults in the lives of your students and you will get a chance to make a difference to the lives of many of the children that you work with. Kids who have sad family situations will often confide in teachers who are responsible for getting support where it is needed, providing advice and a listening ear. Teachers don't just teach academic subjects to children; they can also be very influential when it comes to helping kids develop healthy lifestyle habits, learn about conflict resolution and develop their social skills.

Social Work

Social workers are tasked with working closely with vulnerable people to provide the help and support that they need. As a social worker, you might be spending your time working with children who are in the foster system or having a hard time at home, supporting new young parents to give their kids the best start in life, helping people with learning difficulties find work and housing, or safeguarding elderly people who live alone. Social workers will often work closely with medical professionals, the police and teachers, and are usually the first on the scene after these professionals once a vulnerable person is identified as in need of support.

There are many factors to consider when choosing your career including demand, security, wages and progression opportunities. If being able to do work that enables you to help others to the best of your ability and really make a difference to the lives of individuals and groups appeals to you, one of the above careers focused on help and support might be a good choice.