The widespread availability of technology is changing the way we shop online, one example is the optical shops, where several systems have been put in place to facilitate eyeglasses selection. 3D virtual try-on and prescription lens scanner are two of the tools that have transformed online eyewear shopping and become indispensable for conscious shopping during the pandemic. With the current backdrop of the eye care market where customers are spoilt for choice with different glasses frames, lenses, styles and coatings, these innovative tools have become a unique selling point for online retailers. Glasses try-on system was first applied in the USA. Glasses companies such as CA mirror and Smart Look pioneered the online try-on function. Nowadays companies like SmartBuyGlasses are elevating the online try-on experience thanks to ground-breaking creative new tools. These types of features enhance the online shopping experience and have a substantial impact on the company's growth.

The 3D Virtual try-on offered by SmartBuyGlasses aims to recreate the in-store shopping experience from the comfort of the customer's house. This augmented reality technology is now available on over 10,000 designer eyeglasses and sunglasses at What makes SmartBuyGlasses' 3D Virtual try-on so true-to-life is that the online spectacles are automatically fitted to the face of the customer, and the selected eyeglasses follow the live face movement as the consumer turns the head. Compared to the traditional virtual mirror, the customer can get a superior view of how the eyeglasses fit him/her. Thanks to this tool customers can consciously buy the best glasses to enhance their face shape. SmartBuyGlasses also offer their customers the opportunity to share try-on selfies pictures on social media in just a few clicks. Clients can get instant feedback from friends and family on how different frames look on them. In conclusion, the Virtual try-on tool improves the buying process, thereby augmenting the brand equity.

A relevant and conspicuous part of the eyewear market concerns prescription eyeglasses. Since eye impediments are considered an important health issue, online businesses have had to develop high-quality technological tools to build trust in their online shoppers. SmartBuyGlasses addresses the increasing demand of their clients for prescription glasses online with an innovative app that allows customers to extract their prescription directly from their current glasses. SmartBuyGlasses Prescription Lens Scanner has FDA approval, it is completely free and extremely easy to use. This innovative tool has been particularly useful during the pandemic, it's allowed customers to buy perfect prescription glasses online without having to go to an eye clinic, thereby saving time, money and staying safe. SmartBuyGlasses has made buying prescription glasses online very easy thanks to this innovative tool. To get a new pair of prescription glasses using this app, all you need is a smartphone with the lens scanner app installed or a PC or laptop with a 12" or larger screen, your current pair of prescription eyeglasses and a magnetic card. Then all you need to do is follow few easy steps to get your prescription and pupillary distance measured. By manipulating the light emanated from your digital screen and using the magnetic card, the prescription lens scanner extracts your prescription values. When the scanning is done, your precise prescription info is immediately saved to your account, and it can be added to any eyeglasses model on the website. The Prescription Lens Scanner app by SmartBuyGlasses is now available on iOS and Android and for free. You can download it now from both the App Store and Google Play Store.

These innovative technologies have changed shopping for glasses forever. Now, customers can purchase glasses online without compromising on the quality of the lenses and having a larger range of shapes and models to choose from. Despite that, physical stores are not yet considered obsolete and more traditional customers continue to prefer the physical store experience. These tools are more appealing for younger customers who are usually more confident and trustful towards technology.