Playing sports is healthy, but playing sports outside is even more healthy. It also comes with many advantages such as the sunlight that creates vitamin D, which then results in better sleep and generally feeling better. In need of some inspiration to sport outside this summer? Here are 4 of the most fun outdoor sports that you can carry out this summer. 

1. Obstacle Run

The obstacle run is a feisty challenge: participants will follow a parkour with all kinds of obstacles. And one thing is certain, you'll be covered in dirt when you cross the finish line. But that's also part of the heroism of the sport, when you cross that line, you'll be relieved and proud. This sport is all about teamspirit. This is because you motivate each other to pull through when it gets hard. Besides that, obstacle runs aren't age-related,because there are many levels of the obstacle run. Which means you can even complete a course with your whole family. It's fun and challenging at the same time. If you're not afraid to get dirty, the obstacle run is the one for you. 

2. Speedminton

You might think: "Don't you mean badminton?" No, we don't. Speedminton is a combination of tennis, squash and badminton. It's faster than badminton and easier than tennis and squash. The aim of speedminton is simpel: you score a point when the speeder (which is a heavier shuttle) hits the ground of your opponent. Speedminton can be played on every kind of ground, from grass to concrete. 

3. Paddleboarding

Is it really hot during the summer? Go paddleboarding. In other words, stand up paddle, also known as SUP. This is a surf sport where you stand on a surfboard and you row with one long paddle. It looks really easy but it actually isn't. You must be equipped with some great balance. But that's also something that can be learned quickly. However, paddle boarding is a great sport to carry out with friends. Drive to your local lake or watersports centre and cool down with paddle boarding. Don't have access to cars? Rent a van (Dutch: personenbus huren), you can even rent a van for 9 people (Dutch: 9 persoons bus huren) if you have a big group of friends.

4. Outdoor Laser gaming/Paintball

Alright, maybe this isn't really a sport. But it's a fun game which makes you move around quite a lot. This is a great activity to do if you and your friends have a boring day ahead. It's all about shooting at the other team in the woods, where you hide behind obstacles and bushes in order to not get shot. However, be aware that this might be quite hot, so don't forget to bring enough water for hydration.

Are you ready for the upcoming summer? Have fun with these 4 great outdoor sports!