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Australian Aborigins

Australia Was Colonised by One Group 50,000 Years Ago, DNA Evidence Reveals

Mar 10, 2017 10:57 AM EST

A new DNA evidence shows that Australia was colonized almost 50,000 years ago by Aboriginal people. It is reported that they had primarily lived on the east and west coast of Australia.

Hot and Cold water flow

Your Ears Can Actually Tell Difference Between Hot, Cold Water

Mar 09, 2017 09:56 AM EST

A video from Tom Scott's youtube channel shows how human ears are able to distinguish between the hot water flow and cold water flow. Scientists have said that the main reason can be the change in viscosity.

Brain Death

In an Unexplained Case, Brain Activity Has Been Recorded as Much as 10 Minutes After Death

Mar 08, 2017 05:08 PM EST

In a Candian hospital, doctors have witnessed that a patient has shown the presence of delta wave bursts even after the 10 minutes of his death. This phenomenon has inspired the scientists to research on the post-death activity.

Heart Functions

Scientists Decode Mysterious Aspects of Human Heartbeats

Mar 08, 2017 11:13 AM EST

The heart is one of the most important parts of our body and the heartbeat is one of the major fundamental processes. Scientists are now doing research on how blood gets filled up in the heart.

Self Replicating computers

Scientists Want to Build a Super-Fast, Self-Replicating Computer That "Grows as It Computes"

Mar 06, 2017 05:27 PM EST

Scientists have proposed self-replicating types of computer which will be able to replicate itself just like DNA molecules. If this computer is designed then it would be the most mesmerizing type of computers in the history.

Cryopreservation of tissues

Scientists Find Way To Rapidly Freeze Cryopreserved Tissue Without Damage

Mar 03, 2017 10:34 AM EST

Organ transplantation can be considered as one of the major issues of concern as there are many people die in the United States due to organ failure. The Cryopreservation technique shows a good way to preserve organs.

SpaceX plans to shoot tourists around the moon

SpaceX Announced That They Are Sending Two 'Private Citizens' to the Moon

Mar 01, 2017 07:19 PM EST

SpaceX has contributed to the NASA by a significant amount since 2012. Recently they have announced that they will be sending two private citizens on a trip to the moon in late 2018.

Supermassive Black Holes Could Be Killing Way More Stars Than We Realise

Supermassive Black Holes Could Be Killing Way More Stars Than We Realise

Mar 01, 2017 01:10 PM EST

Primarily scientists have thought that black holes destroying a star system are a very rare occasion. But recent studies have established a completely different theory.

Physicists Have Detected a Friction Like Force in a Perfect Vacuum

Physicists Detect Friction-Like Force in Vacuum

Feb 28, 2017 11:30 AM EST

Recently, a group of physicists from the University of Glasgow has discovered that a decaying atom is experiencing a friction-like force in a vacuum place. After a lot of calculations, scientists assumes that Heisenberg principle may be involved in it.

SpaceX: The Privately Funded Aerospace Company Founded By Elon Musk

International Space Station astronauts capture SpaceX’s Dragon craft; Huge relief for mission

Feb 27, 2017 09:16 AM EST

The International Space Station astronauts finally succeeded in capturing the Dragon craft of SpaceX that had gone astray and it has come as a huge relief for the mission.

NASA Discovers Exoplanets

Seven alien earth-size planets discovered orbiting nearby star TRAPPIST-1; Can support life!

Feb 27, 2017 09:17 AM EST

In an interesting finding, astronomers have found seven earth-size planets orbiting a nearby star called TRAPPIST-1and they are also said to possess the potential to support life.

NASA Discovers Exoplanets

NASA DIscovers Potentially Habitable Sister Solar System

Feb 23, 2017 12:23 PM EST

NASA discovers potentially habitable sister solar system almost 39 light-years away from the Sun. Most of these planets are likely to have similar structure and atmosphere to earth.

NASA Discusses Research Seeking Habitable Worlds Among The Stars

NASA Press Conference Live Coverage: Here’s What to Expect and How to Watch

Feb 22, 2017 10:51 AM EST

NASA will host a news conference this week to reveal its discovery about what lies beyond our solar system. The findings of NASA may possibly be related to the already discovered exoplanets or about a new expoplanet.

Silicon Chips

Computer On Photon Technology Runs 20 Times Faster Than Ordinary Laptop

Feb 22, 2017 08:54 AM EST

Intel corporation has started to design small silicon transistors. But to make the process much faster photon technology are introduced in a chip which will make the computer 20 times faster.

Uranium Oil Rig

Oceans Host Unlimited Source of Nuclear Power

Feb 20, 2017 02:39 PM EST

A significant amount of uranium fuel is found under the different oceans across the world. A team in Stanford University figuring out a new way to extract the source of energy.

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