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3 towers

(VIDEO) UFO hunters: NASA image shows three towers on Mars built by intelligent aliens

Dec 07, 2016 06:54 PM EST

Alien conspiracy theorists are excited about a new image on Mars that reveals three mile-high towers standing in a straight line.

Steve Longero

UFO Rendlesham sighting: Ex-US officer speaks 36 years after being told to 'keep quiet' by govt

Dec 07, 2016 05:13 PM EST

Steve Longero, an important witness in UK's baffling mass UFO sighting 36 years ago, said that he spotted mysterious lights over an air base.


Does Alien life really exist? Mysterious knocking sounds heard in space, Chinese astronauts say

Dec 07, 2016 09:12 AM EST

Bizarre and unidentified knocking sounds are heard in space, reports Chinese astronauts.


(VIDEO) Did Hitler have any link with Aliens? Strange Nazi chest found with bizarre skulls

Dec 06, 2016 05:48 PM EST

An eerie Nazi chest has been discovered containing two strange skulls that look Alien.

Brown dwarf

Aliens are living on wreckage of dead stars: Astronomers

Dec 06, 2016 05:07 PM EST

If you look at the outer layers of suns that have become cold 'brown dwarves', you could find some alien life, say experts.

How Pluto's icy heart came about has been supported by a new research

New study supports how Pluto's icy heart came about

Dec 06, 2016 07:41 AM EST

Astronomy Professor Douglas Hamilton’s new research has unveiled that the emerging ice caps in the icy heart-shaped region of Pluto is weighing heavily on its surface. This development has resulted to a depression named Sputnik Planitia.

Eerie dome

Could that be a UFO inside a bizarre, mushroom-shaped fog over Wales?

Dec 05, 2016 05:23 PM EST

An eerie mushroom-shaped fog over Wales could be just a weather phenomenon, or a 'hidden UFO.'

UFO Sighting

[VIDEO] Unidentified object hovering over Turkey's sky, Is alien invasion imminent?

Dec 05, 2016 07:29 AM EST

UFO sightings are becoming more prevalent. This time, an unidentified object taking over the skies in Turkey was caught on camera. However, the images and videos are said to be derived from previous sources.

Buzz Aldrin is oldest man to set foot on the South Pole

Buzz Aldrin sets record as the oldest man to reach the South Pole

Dec 05, 2016 06:07 AM EST

Buzz Aldrin may have landed in a Christchurch hospital but he keeps adding achievements to his legendary career. As of late, he is now the oldest man to walk on the South Pole.


(VIDEO) UFO sighting: Strange 'shape-shifting' object spotted over Houston

Dec 05, 2016 04:49 PM EST

A strange object flying over Houston seemed to morph and move, said a witness who filmed it.


UFOs spotted flying over Newton Abbot, an 'Alien' hotspot

Dec 03, 2016 06:53 PM EST

John Mooner, a local resident at Newton Abbot, caught some strange UFOs over his town, Newton Abbot.


NASA finds earth-like planet that may harbor aliens, but can be confirmed only in 2017

Dec 03, 2016 06:16 PM EST

An Earth-like planet called K2-3d seems to be an exciting, new find with conditions that harbor life.

SpaceX scheduled to return Falcon 9 rocket to flight Sunday, December 16th

SpaceX to resume Falcon 9 rocket launch on Dec. 16

Dec 02, 2016 09:23 AM EST

Elon Musk's SpaceX hopes to return its Falcon 9 rocket to flight on December 16, said Iridium Communications Inc.

UFO Sighting

(VIDEO) UFO sighting: Is that an 'Alien spaceship' hovering over Torquay?

Dec 01, 2016 05:06 PM EST

A bright, mysterious light over the seaside resort of Torquay happened at the same time as the world was 'invaded' by a number of sightings over Turkey.

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