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Pokemon Sun and Moon now out

Oct 14, 2016 09:09 AM EDT

Being played for past 20 years, its basic formula hasn't deviated much, but recent progress with basic subtle baby steps sought to correct that.

iPhone 7

Finding loopholes in Airtel's INR 19,900 iPhone 7 offer

Oct 14, 2016 04:25 AM EDT

Apple iPhone 7 was launched in India with a starting price of INR 60,000 for 32 GB variant and INR 70,000 for 128 GB, and several online as well as offline retailers have been offering multiple offers.

Lenovo Yoga

Lenovo Yoga 910 now available in US for USD 1199

Oct 14, 2016 04:12 AM EDT

Lenovo had earlier announced it would soon release a notable portable computer that people everywhere would find irresistible.

A Tomahawk cruise missile launches...

Yemeni rebels get a taste of Pentagon's tomahawk missiles

Oct 14, 2016 04:09 AM EDT

The Pentagon's press secretary, Peter Cook, had issued a statement to confirm that President Obama approved the retaliation with Tomahawk missiles on the enemy.

Tommy Ford

'Martin' star Tommy Ford dies at 52

Oct 14, 2016 03:58 AM EDT

Ford's agent and family spokeswoman, Joy Pervis, confirmed the news of his death to ABC News at such a young age of 52.


Microsoft Eyes at a New Surface PC Launch at October 26 Event

Oct 11, 2016 06:39 AM EDT

Microsoft is supposed to declare its Surface line of All-in-One gadgets at an October 26 event. There are reports showing Microsoft's arrangement to declare another kind of Surface console and mouse at this event