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Top 10 Best US Cities to get Tech Jobs 2016

10 Best US Cities To Get Tech Jobs

Dec 13, 2016 08:11 AM EST

San Jose, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, tops the list with a median base salary of $112,000. This city needs data scientists, senior software developers and more tech workers. Seattle, Austin, Boston and other cities have smaller salaries but the cost of living is lower, with houses in these cities are of far more affordable. Here’s the list of places for tech jobs in the US.

Forbes 10 Richest Men in 2016

Forbes 10 Richest Men in 2016

Dec 13, 2016 08:23 AM EST

There are around 1800 billionaires across different countries in the world with a net worth of more than $6.5 trillion. Forbes has recently released the list of top billionaires in the world. Here are the 10 richest men in the world, according to Forbes.

Top 10 Most Popular SUVs of 2016

Top 10 Most Popular SUVs of 2016

Dec 12, 2016 12:41 PM EST

A sports utility vehicle or suburban utility vehicle (SUV) is classified as a light truck but operated as a family vehicle. They are similar to a large station wagon or estate car, usually equipped with four-wheel drive for on- or off-road ability. If you want to buy one of these, check out the top 10 most popular SUVs of 2016.

Top 10 Fast Food Chain in the US

10 Best Fast Food Chain in the US

Dec 12, 2016 01:45 PM EST

When it comes to fast food, US is the root of it. Since 1950, different fast food companies in the US produced several mouthwatering fast food recipes. Now, the fast food industry is one of the biggest industry in the US. We are going to look at the Top 10 fast food chains in the US today.

Top 10 Most Popular Festivals in the World

10 Most Popular Festivals in the World

Dec 12, 2016 10:01 AM EST

Being at festivals is like standing inside the mind of a culture as it dreams. They have the ability to be extremely intimate amid public spectacles. Here are 10 of the world's best festivals to let yourself go.

Top 10 Sports Car in the World

Top 10 Sports Car in the World

Dec 10, 2016 10:28 AM EST

Want high speed? If you want the latest tech or the most luxurious features sports care then you will need deep pockets to buy any of these babies and these are also one of the most expensive car in the world.

Top 10 Android Apps in 2016

Top 10 Android Apps in 2016

Dec 12, 2016 02:50 PM EST

There are millions of Android Apps but these ones will make you get the most of your smartphone. Most people can not live without them because these apps give you services related with the weather, locations, music, emails and more. Here we give you a list with the Top 10 Android Apps in 2016.

Best 10 Places to Visit in India

10 Best Places to Visit in India

Dec 09, 2016 02:22 PM EST

India is famous for its natural beauty and best gorgeous landscape. With a vast geographical area, India contains some of the best places which define the beauty of heaven. From the lap of Himalaya to the feet of the Indian Ocean, this country fulfills the thirst of a visitor. Several distinct places have different features of real uniqueness and just prepare to visit them to explore the uniqueness.

Top 10 Best Sports Shoes of 2016

Top 10 Best Sports Shoes of 2016

Dec 09, 2016 02:20 PM EST

Quality and a good design define most sports shoes. But there is also another important factor, the answers given by the runners in the reviews. They are the best judges because they have used them. The sports shoes mentioned here have an average 80 percent positive ratings from runners around the world.

Top 10 beautiful beaches in the Caribbean

10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Caribbean

Dec 10, 2016 10:26 AM EST

If you love sea beaches, then Carribean is the place which should be on your destination list. The beautiful white sea beaches and the alluring winter sun can make your Christmas holiday significantly special. In this article, we have the best sea beaches of the Caribbean.

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