Michael Jordan used to defy logic and physics when he played, providing some of the greatest highlights of all time. There was the foul line dunk during the dunk contest where Jordan looked to be flying. Or how about the cradle-dunk that, although it’s about two decades old, is still one of the best of all time. And no one could forget the switching of the hands in mid-air against the Lakers.

So we really shouldn’t be surprised at his latest feat right? Jordan, at age 50, recently dunked a basketball during a summer camp, according to NBA.com.

You can check it out below. (YouTube: Baldur H. Icelandic NBA fan)

Now, before people start leaving comments saying, “He was being guarded by a little kid!!”—its not his move to the basket that was impressive. It was the fact that ae age 50 he can still flush it with the right hand. And Jordan didn’t just dunk it. He dunked it with relative ease.

During his Hall of Fame induction speech, Jordan discussed a comeback. (He has since denied the possibility, but it’s nice to humor the idea.)

This is the second instance in recent history where Michael Jordan has shown he may be in decent basketball shape.

On an episode ESPN’s “First Take” earlier this year, Skip Bayless mentioned the one-on-one game Jordan had against Bobcats sophomore forward Michael Kidd-Gilcrest. According to Kidd-Gilcrest, Jordan beat him pretty badly.

In the spirit of reasonable logic, we must consider that Jordan’s dunk was made to look easy but could still have been done using a massive amount of energy. Also, in the case of the one-one-one game, we don’t know all the details.

However, because many of us—whether you watched him play or not—are aware of MJ’s greatness, its nice to dream about the return of game’s best player.