The last few episodes of “Devious Maids” started to give us some answers into Flora’s murder. We now know that Adrian personally engaged in his “disgusting little hobby.” We also know that Michael Stappord is somehow connected to Flora as well.

The other maids’ storylines don’t provide as much suspense but we did learn why Carmen left home after meeting her husband—who is a complete jerk. Also, we know the back story behind Zoila’s dislike for Valentina’s feelings for Remy.

According to EOnline, the show will answer some of the major questions we have as the season finale approaches. The website reports Roslyn Sanchez (Rosie) and Ana Ortiz (Marisol) revealed the show will tell us what we want to know most before the season ends—the identity of Flora’s murderer.

As we find out who killed Flora, many answers will be revealed.

The show seems to have an excellent plot and retained a good following—making it a good candidate for a second season. However, ABC has not ordered yet to order one.

It is good to see that the show has taken off despite the controversy that surrounded it leading up to the premiere.

Before the show aired its first episode on Sunday, June 23, Eva Longoria was forced to defend her creation against those who called “Devious Maids” a terrible portrayal of a stereotype associated with Hispanic woman.

"'Devious Maids' is a show that centers on five count 'em) five Latinas who are bonded together by their jobs, their ambitions, their dreams and their life struggles," said Longoria. "The five women are maids by occupations only; it is what they do, not who they are."

Devious Maids airs on Sundays at 10/9c.