Foursquare users can now order rides to go to anywhere with Uber Buttons, which automatically loads your current address into the Uber app seamlessly. This new feature is powered by a deep-linking partner called Button.

"Rather than having to go outside of your Foursquare application and dig through app pages or folders to find your Uber app and then say 'I'm going to go to this place,' we can very easily invoke a button and let users tap that button and then be brought across the app borders with some cool content and context passed on," Button co-founder and CEO Michael Jaconi said, according to BizJournals.

At the same time, if a Foursquare user does not have a separate Uber app, Button could do an "attended install," which saves time from going to the app store and finding it.

"Using Button simplified the process on integrating Uber into Foursquare," Foursquare SVP of product management Noah Weiss said in a statement, according to "With a few lines of code we were able to create a seamless experience when requesting an Uber built directly into our app, saving us time and effort."

Button is a startup that offers companies the ability to integrate and unify the experience between various apps on your phone, with the use of its DeepLink Commerce platform.