New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and brother Peyton's rap video for an NFL Sunday Ticket commercial became popular in a matter of hours. Eli discussed on Wednesday his "Football On Your Phone" video (shown below) and addressed the future of his budding rap career.

The video of the Manning brothers, drenched in spray tan and sporting ridiculous haircuts, has been making rounds on the Internet and the Giants locker room.

"It's just been funny," Eli told ESPN reporters. "I guess the song is a little catchy. [There's been] a few guys going to the cafeteria line and they don't even know I am behind them and they are humming the song or the words."

Eli added: "That song gets stuck in your head all day. (My teammates) are kind of just going around singing the song every once in a while."

It's particularly popular in the locker room. When the video debuted on Tuesday, it caught plenty of Eli's teammates by surprise.

"I've never heard Eli sing, period," Giants right guard Chris Snee told ESPN. "When he controls the radio, it's usually country or something nobody really wants to listen to besides him."

Giants punter Steve Weatherford has always known Eli had a sense of humor, but he marveled at how Eli commanded the screen in the three-minute music video.

"He's a funny guy, and I don't think a lot of people know how quippy and funny he is," Giants punter Steve Weatherford told ESPN. "It's a consensus that Peyton is a little more outgoing, a little more outspoken, but I thought Eli stole the show there.

"I think we probably had as much fun with it in the locker room as all the media and all the fans did. Because nobody sees him like that."

As for Eli's rapping career?

"I think I will stay with my day job and keep playing football for as long as possible," Eli said. "A one and done. A one-hit wonder probably."