Don't be selfish and only buy yourself clothes. You know your cat wants a new outfit too - why would she leave all that hair on everything if it all wasn't hers?

Now, you can fulfill both your wishes - a new hoodie for you and a new snuggle spot for her! The Mewgaroo is a hoodie designed by Unihabitat, a Japanese brand that creates clothing and home products for furry friends and their humans.

(Photo : Unihabitat) The sweatshirt also comes with cat ears on the hood.

The Mewgaroo is a cat-shaped hooded sweatshirt with paw-like sleeves, but (are you ready for the fun part?) it has a kangaroo pouch so you and your cat can snuggle and stay warm.

A kangaroo pouch! (Just know I am screaming inside.)

If you're a dog person, that's cool - small pooches will fit in the pouch. Oh, and the pouch features a removable lining so you can de-fur.

If your cat is aloof and doesn't like to snuggle, maybe dropping 5,980 yen (50 USD or 45 euros) on a Mewgaroo will make her love you. Unihabitat isn't making any promises...