Ariana Grande just revealed the album cover for her forthcoming debut album "Yours Truly," and many fans (and critics!) are already claiming that the Lolita-esque cover is more creepy than cute.

The album art, which Grande posted to her Instagram and Twitter, features the star sitting on her knees in a bed of flowers, dressed in lingerie and staring coyly at the camera, her long hair in her signature high ponytail. "My debut album Yours Truly will be available for preorder next week and released September 3rd," she wrote as a caption.

While some fans think the cover is beautiful and really suits the star, others are calling it a "pedophile offering" and claiming that with her big eyes and baby face, the star looks much too underage, especially when photographed this way.

The "Sam & Cat" star has been criticized before for "dressing young" and playing up her youthful image, which some are concerned attracts the attention of leering men interested in young-looking girls, including Reddit and 4chan users, sites which the 20-year old star has become popular on. Other fans have mocked the star for "mimicking" the pose of other pop artists like Fergie, Mariah Carey and Britney Spears for her new cover.

Still, most fans seem pleased that Grande is releasing her album so soon, as many have waited years for the star to start smashing the charts. Her latest song "Piano" from "Yours Truly" was previewed in a 15-second snippet for fans on her Instagram account, and already MTV has called it a sparkling "game-changer."

Presumably in response to the sudden backlash, Grande tweeted vaguely:

What do you think of Ariana Grande's new album cover? Cute, creepy, or a little bit of both? Tell us your opinion in the comments!