Even though the Federal Communications Commission was able to pass the Title II rules and protect the idea of the open Internet, not everyone is happy with it. Republican Congressmen and businesses have all submitted bills and lawsuits that are designed to negate the effects of Title II and restore power to Internet service providers. The latest man to submit an attack on the FCC is U.S. senator and presidential candidate Rand Paul. 

Paul submitted a one-page joint resolution to the Senate that would basically nullify the FCC's ruling. In fact, all the text really says is "Congress disapproves the rule submitted by the Federal Communications Commission relating to regulating broadband Internet access ... and such rule shall have no force or effect."

"The Congressional Review Act allows Congress to nullify any rule published by a federal agency by passing a joint resolution within 60 days of the rule's publication in the Federal Register. The FCC published its open Internet rules on April 13," The Daily Dot reported

While this bill is surprisingly short, Paul's move is hardly surprising. He's been an avid opponent of net neutrality and has done all he could to fight the FCC vote. "This regulation by the FCC is a textbook example of Washington's desire to regulate anything and everything and will do nothing more than wrap the Internet in red-tape. The Internet has successfully flourished without the heavy hand of government interference. Stated simply, I do not want to see the government regulating the Internet," Paul said in a press release.