Could you see "Teen Wolf" heartthrob Tyler Hoechlin as Christian Grey? His name has barely been mentioned to play the sexy billionaire but he would be perfect. He has gotten a little buzz on Twitter with some fans saying that they imaged the actor as Grey from the very beginning.

Hoechlin has appeared in a couple movies and TV shows like "Road to Perdition," "Hall Pass" and "7th Heaven." At 25-years-old he is a little young for the part but he could definitely pull off the 28-year-old Christian Grey.

As a couple "Fifty Shades" fans pointed he's hot and totally fits the physical appearance of the lead male character. At 6'0 he's tall enough to play the role and he also has the characteristically muscular, broad-shouldered frame.

A couple people have paired him with Ashley Greene. Greene, known for her role in "Twilight," has been rumored to play Anastasia Steele in the past but has not been getting as much buzz as fan-favorites Emilia Clarke, Lucy Hale and Alexis Bledel. Hoechlin is up against top contenders Matt Bomer, Henry Cavill and Ian Somerhalder to play Grey.

Official casting news still has not been announced. At one point it was rumored that E.L. James was going to announce the cast at San Diego Comic-Con but she shut those rumors down on Twitter. She did attend Comic-Con and talked about why Sam Taylor-Johnson was chosen as director.

With the release date set for Aug. 1, 2014 and filming reportedly set to begin this fall "Team 50" will hopefully announce official casting news soon. HNGN thinks that the team could be waiting for Aug. 1st of this year to reveal the cast. That would mark exactly one year until the movie's release date which is probably going to be a big deal for fans.

So how will the news be announced? We think they are either going to tweet the news like they have been doing with everything else, hold a press conference to reveal the stars cast for the movie or "leak" a preview trailer with the actors picked as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

The Stir reported that James and the rest of the team could host a reality mini-series or a webcast to announce the news.