A 60-year old woman was run down and killed by a minivan while pushing her granddaughter in a stroller in a parking lot, just moments after she had asked two teens on a date for directions, the Lynn, Mass. Daily Item reports.

Local police told the newspaper that the woman was killed at around 5:38 p.m. on Saturday in the parking lot, and details from the investigation suggest that the driver of the vehicle was backing out of a parking space before hitting the woman. It is yet unknown whether or not it was an accident.

The woman, Kathleen McPartland, died from injuries, but the baby appeared to be unhurt and was taken to the hospital.

Witnesses Moises Baez, 18, was with 17-year old Amanda Arsenault in a nearby car when they saw the incident take place and tried to stop it. They told reporters and police that they screamed for the driver of the vehicle to stop backing up, to no avail. According to the Daily Mail, the driver backed over the woman and spun his back wheels on her, seemingly oblivious to the screams and cries of the teens to stop.

"He was just burning her out," Baez told the Daily Item. "I just kept telling him to get out. And she was with the baby, who was crying, and we were just like yelling at him to stop. I still don't understand how he didn't feel he hit somebody, because that dent's pretty huge."

After the driver stopped the minivan, the woman lay motionless on the ground. The teens said that the man was blaring music and did not seem to understand English. 

Baez and Arsenault were on a date at the time of the incident, and told the Daily Item that they had planned to walk together to a park after they spoke to McPartland.

"She was really nice, too," Arsenault said. "She was a grandmother. But she was young. She still had some pep in her."

Luckily, the baby was unharmed, although she suffered a bump on her head and was crying. Aresnault managed to scoop the baby up from the ground where she had fallen before the baby was taken to North Shore Children's Hospital in Salem, Mass. for observation.

"She wanted to walk around," Arsenault told the Daily Item.

Police have yet to identify the driver and are currently investigating potential charges.

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