Is Kate Middleton about to give birth?! According to US Weekly, the Duchess of Cambridge, along with Prince William, abruptly left Bucklebury to make their way towards London.

Middleton had been staying with her family in the countryside mansion to wait out the rest of her pregnancy. The couple reportedly left the Middleton home around 3 p.m. with a police escort, US Weekly reports. There has been no word on whether the Duchess has arrived at St. Mary's Hospital, where she is expected to deliver the royal baby.

"We wouldn't comment on the exact whereabouts of the Duke and Duchess - we wouldn't normally do so  in their private time," a Palace rep said keeping quiet about where the expectant was headed.

Prince William was originally supposed to meet his wife at the hospital once she was in labor but according to the magazine he was whisked away in the car too. He hasn't started his paternity leave yet but had taken some time off to wait for his child to be born further fueling that rumors that the Duchess is overdue.

There has been several reports surrounding her due date. She was originally said to have been due on July 13 or 14. A Royal Air Force told US Weekly that the Palace was on edge because they thought she would have given birth by now.

"We're all on the edge of our seats for news," the source said. "I thought the baby would be born by now!"

However, there are reports that contradict that original due date. According to the U.K.s Telegraph, Middleton's due date has been July 19 the whole time. The Palace never did give an actual date only saying that she was due around "mid-July."

A "well-placed" source told the Telegraph that the staff at St. Mary's was given the due date of July 19 and began preparing for the baby last month. If this date is correct, then the Duchess is not overdue after all.

"A small number of staff at St. Mary's who might be called upon when the Duchess gives birth were told they had to remain teetotal for a month before the Dunchess's due date," the source said. "They were told the due date was July 19, meaning they couldn't drink from June 19 onwards."

Regardless of when the actual due date it's great to hear things are finally moving towards the royal baby's birth.