Kate Middleton still hasn't given birth to the royal baby. Many people are speculating that she has either passed her due date or the baby watch has been centered on the wrong hospital. According to USA Today, several journalists and photographers have begun showing up at a different hospital in hopes of getting some answers.

The new hospital being targeted is the Royal Berkshire Hospital outside of London right near the Duchess' family home in Bucklebury. Kate Middleton has been staying with her family since last weekend as she waits out the rest of her pregnancy.

Some of the media believe she could end up delivering the baby at the Royal Berkshire even though the Palace announced that she was going to give birth at St. Mary's, the same hospital Prince William and Harry were born.

According to USA Today, the Duchess' family is very familiar with the Royal Berkshire because both Kate Middleton and her sister were born there. The hospital was a part of her contingency plan but only in the case of an emergency.

There's still a ton of media camped outside St. Mary's Hospital in Paddington but journalists are keeping their eye on the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

NBC's "Today" show sent a reporter to the Berkshire hospital but said even though there was other reporters there it is highly unlikely that she will be coming to that hospital. The Royal Berkshire is a public hospital and doesn't have a private wing like the one waiting at St. Mary's.

"No media mob - NBC and ABC did some filming and have left," Nicola Wesson, a spokewoman for the Royal Berkshire told USA Today. "We have had some interest from other internationals but again, they have returned to London. No one is camped out her in the same way that they are at St. Mary's so we are not expecting any changes to business as usual. We expect the baby to born in London as the Palace has announced."