Capcom announced the launch of Ultra Street Fighter 4 in 2014 at the Evo 2013 event, the premier fighting game tournament.

The Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be launched in early 2014 , revealed Capcom at the Evo 2013.  The Japanese game publisher announced the addition of five new characters in its latest Ultra SF4, new game modes, upgraded features and improved player strengths.

The new fighters in the arena are Hugo, Elena, Poison, and Rolento with the fifth one to be announced at a later date.

"A lot of feedback was sifted through to find the best ways to balance the characters in the SF4 update," the game publisher wrote in its Unity Blog. "Top players from the US and Japan were consulted, as well as all the wonderful feedback provided through the Capcom Unity forums and Capcom Japan surveys."

Capcom's new release comes as a DLC update for either Super Street Fighter 4 or SSF4: Arcade Edition. Owners of SSF4 or Arcade Edition can simply download and update the new game for $14.99. But if you are a new gamer, then a package of all DLC costumes for all characters to date can be purchased in a disc for $39.99. The full package will include future updates too.

Capcom will release the next SF4 version for PS3, PC and XBOX 360 in early 2014. But will confirm the date and the name of the mysterious fifth character at a later time.

Watch the video below featuring the announcement trailer of the Ultra Street Fighter 4: