Although Netflix has yet to release any real numbers telling people how successful the fourth season of "Arrested Development" was, it was clearly enough of a success to merit a possible fifth season.

Brian Grazer, "Arrested Development" producer and season 4 cameo-maker, revealed to Bloomberg Television that there have been preliminary talks between him and Netflix to make a fifth season of the popular Mitch Hurwitz created series.

"We're in conversations with them to do another season," Grazer said. "They are interested in doing that. Mitch is ready to do it and so are the actors, so we're very excited about it."

Hurwitz has been talking about a movie follow up to season 4 even before production actually began, but that plan seems to have changed. In a Reddit Q&A in June, Hurwitz said: "I would say that I'm more interested in telling the ongoing saga of this family than working out a particular strategy for how to do it." The series creator also said the next season would feature the whole Bluth family together a lot more.

One of the key sticking points with fans of the series was that the fourth season showed characters together very little. Although that was always the plan as the original idea behind the fourth season was to show the family scattered to the winds after the events of the third season (at the time thought to be the show's series finale). The creators of the show wanted all the characters to reach a sort of low point in all of their lives before coming together again. That is what the fifth season will likely be about.

Hopefully negotiations with Netflix go quickly. The video streaming service has been doing a lot to bring subscribers original content and "Arrested Development" binge watchers are estimated to have made up a sizeable chunk of the company's viewership. The last thing true fans of the cult-hit will want is another six year wait for more of the show.

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