Andy Golub Times Square 2013: Body Artist Draws Crowd For Painting Nude Models (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)

By  Jul 11, 2013 10:35 PM EDT
Andy Golub Andy GolubAndy GolubAndy GolubAndy Golub
Some parents had no problem with their children watching as Andy Golub painted the nude models.

Andy Golub believes anything can be turned into a work of art, including the human body. The New York City body painter returned to Times Square, after getting kicked out, to paint nude models in broad daylight, the New York Post reports.

In 2011, Golub was arrested and charged with public lewdness and exposure for covering naked models in colorful paint. The charges were dropped once the painter agreed to paint the models after dusk. In an interview with DNA Info, he said he gave it a try but it just didn't feel the same. This time, however, when he returned to the busy city streets, he had the city's consent.

Under city law full nudity is only allowed if it part of a "play, exhibition, show or entertainment," the paper reports. As long as Golub lets the city know where he'll be painting, it's fine with them.

"I'm a strong advocate of public art," the painter told the New York Post. "No real law is being broken."

He did say that he was glad to finally have the city's support.

"It's not really about winning a battle on legality. It's [about] the opportunity to use public streets. I try not to get too political. The art is the message," Golub continued.

Cops told the newspaper they haven't received any complaints about the display which lasted for three hours. The artwork drew a huge crowd with some people in awe of Golub's work.

"I definitely have never seen anything like this before," spectator Chris Cook told the New York Post. "I didn't expect to walk up on something like this. It's interesting."

"We don't do this in Alabama," tourist Scott Fleming said with another viewer saying it was just "another day in Times Square."

On on-looker said that even though the paintings were interested to look at, it wasn't the paintings that were drawing a crowd. Models Gianna James, 21, and Ethan Itzkow, 23, boldly posed ignoring the stares as Golub covered them in paint.

There's been no word on when or where the next painting will take place but check out Andy Golub's website for more photos and videos.

DISCLAIMER: Video contains brief nudity

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