Nintendo reported that their fan site has been hacked compromising 24,000 accounts which contain user’s real names, addresses, and contact details.

The security team registered about 15.5 million illicit login attempts on Club Nintendo accounts in Japan with 23,926 of it successfully accessed by hackers which authorities are yet to identify. However, they believe that the hackers obtained the logins and passwords from an outside resource.

Nintendo caught the illicit transactions when it noticed that there were multiple login errors reported on their security system on Tuesday. They immediately suspended the accounts of those that were successfully accessed by the hackers to secure user information. They had sent an email to each user requesting them to reset their passwords. They also discovered that the illicit transactions had begun on June 9 and continued until they intercepted it on Tuesday.

"There were scattered illicit attempts to login since June 9, but we became aware of the issue after the mass attempt on July 2," said company spokesman Yasuhiro Minagawa as stated in the PC World.

Nintendo clarified that the cyber attack were concentrated in Japan only which has about four million registered members in the fan site Club Nintendo. There was no financial information stored as well since the accounts use gamer’s points for transactions which they can store and use to purchase promotional items. Nintendo reported that there were no points taken during the cyber attack.

Nintendo is not the only gaming company which had experienced this kind of cyber attack, Sony Japan had the same experience back in 2011 in which 93,000 accounts were compromised.

In the U.S, Nintendo and Sony were also victims of a cyber attack by a hacker group called LulzSec last month as a call for these companies to improve their security systems. Well, it seems that Nintendo Japan needs security revamp too.