Aaron Hernandez made headlines when he was arrested at his home and taken into custody for the murder of Odin Lloyd. Police said the 23-year-old former Patriots Tight End orchestrated the execution-style murder of his friend and semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd, the Daily Mail reports.

According to police Hernandez and two other men, Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz, accompanied the athlete to pick up Lloyd. They reportedly drove him to an inudustrial park where he was shot five times. The police said Hernandez was upset with Lloyd for talking to people he didn't get along with at a night club a few days earlier. 

Hernandez was arrested and charged with first degree murder. The athlete is currently being held without bail after pleading not guilty. If charged, Hernandez could face up to life in prison. According to the Daily Mail hundreds of women are upset over this news and took to Twitter to defend Hernandez. They used the social networking site to announce that Hernandez is "too sexy" to be jailed for murder.

The tweets outraged many people who feel it is inappropriate for women to publicly display their affection for a man suspected of murdering someone. Tim Baffoe, a sports writer, wrote an article about all the female attention and support Hernandez is getting calling it "ignorant."

"I first came across someone noting not how horrible it is that a man id dead, or even a promising career is likely over, but rather that hotness has been wasted when I saw this: 'Hernandez, you were so hot WHY????'," Baffoe wrote. "But, hey, isolated ignorance, I thought. Later that day, though, comedian Neil Hamburger began retweeing more and more people who find the murder not to be the biggest crime in all this."