The public's attention has turned to Aaron Hernandez's fiancé Shayanna Jenkins, 24, now that the former New England Patriots tight end has been charged.

"People are finding it very hard to believe that Shayanna Jenkins didn't know what her beau was up to. She has been questioned by police a few times and those questions could keep coming," according to the  "If she knew anything about what happened to Odin Lloyd, could she wind up getting arrested too?"

Jenkins is the link between Lloyd and Hernandez, as the football player's fiancé's sister, Shaneah Jenkins, was dating the murder victim. There's no confirmation as to the current whereabouts of Hernandez's fiancé. She is rumored to be staying with her sister at this time.

Officials have a possible theory as to why Hernandez allegedly killed Odin Lloyd, according to reports.

Sources from law enforcement reportedly told TMZ that Lloyd knew secrets that could have "destroyed Aaron's relationship with his fiancée and the team."

"There are several operating theories, but a prevailing one based on evidence they have already unearthed is that Lloyd 'mouthed off' to Hernandez about 'secrets' Hernandez had told him in the past," TMZ reported.

There are rumors stating Lloyd's murder stems from his possible knowledge of Hernandez's alleged involvement in drugs and several violent incidents.

According to TMZ, law enforcement sources do not believe Lloyd tried to extort Hernandez, but infuriated the former Patriot by "throwing damaging information in [his] face."

Two others where arrested in connection to Lloyd's murder investigation.  Ernest Wallace, 41, turned himself in to police in Miramar, Fla. on Friday and faces one count of accessory after the fact. Carlos Ortiz, 27, of Bristol, Conn. pleaded not guilty to one count of carrying a firearm without a license. Ortiz is being held until his next hearing on July 9.

Hernandez was charged with Lloyd's murder last Wednesday and is being held without bail following his arraignment.