It looks like rapper Tyga has some explaining to do. "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star Kylie Jenner posted a sexy seflie on Tuesday and according to reports her rumored boyfriend Tyga reposted the image with the caption, "I hit that every day."

Gossip site Media Take Out claims that the 25-year-old quickly deleted the photo but not before fans were able to screenshot it and share it on social media. Tyga and Jenner, 17, have not responded to the supposed photo and some fans believe it was photoshopped.

The pair made headlines earlier this week when Radar Online reported that Kris Jenner reportedly lets the "Rack City" rapper spend the night at their Hidden Hills, Calif. home.

"There are many nights that Tyga just crashes at Kylie's house, with Kris' blessing," the source said.

"Kris is very liberal with rules for Kylie, and allows her to throw parties all the time at the mansion," the source added. "Kylie's dad, Bruce [Jenner], doesn't like Tyga spending the night at the house, but he is really powerless to do anything. Kris and Bruce have fought about it, and he has accused her of being a friend first to Kylie, and not acting like a mother."

Hollywood Life also reported that Jenner has total access to Tyga's Calabasas home and "comes and goes as she pleases." A source told the site that she uses it as an "'emergency mansion' in case something is going on at Kris' or Bruce's house."

Jenner reportedly has her own set of keys to Tyga's mansion and knows "all the security codes needed to get in and out of the home."