Animal Jam, an online game for children to explore the outdoors and nature, is capturing childrens imagination and is growing in popularity. A blog online, Animal Jam Spirit, is inviting players to enter a competition for a chance to win a legendary glove and headdress. The blog online has also released a whole array of Animal Jam codes worth 5000 coins.

Below is a list of the most recent Animal Jam codes grabbed from a popular blog under Blogspot, the Animal Jam Spirit. According to this Animal Jam blog, some of the following Animal Jam codes may have already expired; may not work if it has already been redeemed; or may not even be activated yet, but interested members are encouraged to keep trying them out.

  • explorer - 100 gems
  • ngkidsrox - 1000 gems
  • discovery - 1000 gems
  • birthdaybash - #2 birthday cake
  • bemybuddy - 500 gems
  • AJHQ3000 - 500 gems
  • 10million - 10 Million Banner
  • ngexplorer - 1000 gems

Animal Jam Spirit  is also hosting a giveaway contest for members of the game. The participant only need to watch the Youtube video uploaded by the user Snowyclaw Jamaa, leave  a comment including his or her username, membership status and the reason why he or she likes which item. Members of Animal Jam world who will join the giveaway contest are encouraged to comment everyday and subscribe to increase the chances of winning.

"Animal Jam is an online virtual playground for children who love animals and the outdoors, and is the result of an ongoing creative collaboration between Smart Bomb Interactive and National Geographic Society," according to Animal Jam's website.

"Our goal is to provide a fun, exciting, and safe environment for kids to play online, while inspiring them to explore and protect the natural world outside their doors. Animal Jam is free from outside advertising and adheres to a strict privacy policy."