Bill Ayers, founder of the Weather Underground, a violent anti-war group, said in an interview with Real Clear Politics that he believes U.S. President Barack Obama is a war criminal and should be put on trial.

In an interview with RCP Ayers strongly declared that the president should be tried in the International Court of Justice, nicknamed "The Hague" because of its location in The Hague, Netherlands.

"Absolutely. Every president in this century should be put on trial, every one of them," Ayers said in the online-streamed interview. "For war crimes.  Absolutely."

"Every one of them goes into office, an office dripping with blood and adds to it. And yes, I think these are war crimes," he said referring to the Obama administration's drone program. "They are acts of terror."

Ayers also said he would give Obama, like the other presidents he has reviewed, a failing grade, but admits he likes him a little more than the those who have held office in the past. One reason being that the president is eager and reads.

"One of the things I like about him is that he's curious," he said. "He wants to know things, he asks questions. He's not just charming, he's interested... All of that I find good."

Watch the entire interview here.

The Weather Underground was deemed a terror group by the FBI after its members executed a number of bombings of federal buildings, including the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon, in an effort to protest the Vietnam War.

According to The Hill, Ayers and his wife spent a decade on the run. Federal authorities eventually dropped the charges, citing FBI misconduct. During the 2008 presidential election Ayers made an effort to tie himself to then candidate Obama, but Obama dismissed the link.

"This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood," Obama said in an interview at the time. "The notion that somehow as a consequence of knowing somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago - when I was 8 years old - somehow reflects on me and my values doesn't make much sense."