Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife Sandi Jackson may face jail time in connection to the improper use of campaign funds an tax evasion. The son of civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson wishes to serve his time first, according to CBS News.

The couple is scheduled to be sentenced on July 3.

"If he serves his period of incarceration first, Mrs. Jackson would be able to work and could stabilize the family's finances. They [the children] need their mother," said Jackson's defense attorneys according to The Chicago Tribune.

Jackson reportedly "pleaded guilty to last year to using $750,000 worth of campaign funds for personal use and his wife pleaded guilty to filing false tax returns and failing to report the campaign money as income."

According to The Tribune, the couple has been asked to "forfeit $750,000, money representing the ill-gotten proceeds, and make a restitution of $750,000."

Defense attorneys claim the couple is not in a financial situation where they can pay both amounts, especially if both are incarcerated at the same time. Jackson's legal team has asked the court to drop the restitution claim. 

According to CBS News, Jackson faces 48 months behind bars and his wife will face 18. The former congressman's defense team requested a shorter sentence for him due to his bipolar disorder but was denied.

Prosecutors claim defense attorneys were unable to defend their request by proving the disorder influenced Jackson's criminal actions. They also denied the claim that he will not be granted proper medical treatment while incarcerated.

Reuters reports Jackson's disorder the reason for his lack of public appearances. According to the site, he was "treated for at least six weeks at the Mayo Clinic."