In a new Applebee restaurant in Coney Island, death seems to be on the menu.

When the restaurant opened in Monday, a Blacktip shark named Zane needed to be taken out of the 5,000 gallon aquarium after munching on three Lookdown fish, in what customers call a shocking feeding frenzy.

On the same day, another Whitetip shark was found dead after it hit the three-foot Wonder Wheel replica in the aquarium. The employees of the restaurant were stunned by the chaos.

Zane Tankel, the restaurant’s owner released in a statement to Daily News that the sharks were in shock, since they were moved in too quickly. The $4,000 Blacktip shark named after the owner was then moved to another aquarium. The tank, located in New York was appropriately named Fishkill.

Only four sharks remain in the restaurant.

Tankel also added that the sharks came from being an ocean creature, to a tank resident. Thus, they were disoriented.

The feeding chaos was also caught on camera by a crew from Animal Planet’s reality show “Tanked.”
Today, the 20-foot tank still contains a collection of sting rays, tropical fish, a Leopard shark, and three bottom-dwelling, smooth-hound sharks. The Wonder Wheel that killed the Whitetip shark still remains in the tank.

Tankel mentioned that prior to the accident, Zane the Blacktip shark was fed a haul of herring, but his appetite and thirst for blood did not stop. He also defended that he was in constant communication with an expert in aquariums to figure out that made the Blacktip shark, a species known for being docile, attack fellow sharks.

Applebee’s general manager, Armando Rumayor mentioned in statement that Zane was just swimming around at the top of the tank, and he just suddenly snapped, and ate the other shark.

The deaths all happened on the very same day that they were introduced in the aquarium from Brooklyn.

Tankel still wants to spend $500 to get a new Whitetip shark.