Freddie Prinze Jr. continues to recover after undergoing spinal surgery on Nov. 20.

The 38-year-old actor suffered from spinal disc issues, but completed a successful surgery on Nov. 20. Prinze has been documenting his progress on Twitter with updates and photos, including a before and after photo of him in the hospital.

"Guys Im totally fine. Recovering great," he tweeted on Nov. 29. "Private medical info amigos. Lets say I had some disc issues that have been resolved."

The husband of Sarah Michelle Gellar has a slight scar on the front of his neck. Some photos show the scar between wound dressings and, in others, he wears a standard white neck brace.

Prinze joked he now has a "Robo-neck" and gave himself a few nicknames: Robo-Bro, Brobot and the Iron Android. He has used his Brazilian jiu-jitsu training, developed by the Gracie martial arts family, to help him get back in shape.

"#KeepItPlayful Learnin to walk again is like learning jiu-jitsu - 1 technique at a time," he tweeted on Nov. 26.

Frustrated by the "entertainment news" coverage of his surgery, Prinze tweeted a satirical update from an unidentified insider.

"SOURCE: Freddie's surgery was a transfusion of Gracie DNA kept in cryogenic storage for decades. Rio De Janeiro has built him better," he wrote on Nov. 29 and then added, "The secret is out."

Prinze currently voices the character Kanan Jarrus on the Disney XD animated series "Star Wars Rebels."