Models are people too!

A week after Victoria's Secret received major backlash for its "Perfect Body" campaign, one of the brand's newer faces is speaking out about being shamed for her thin figure, People Magazine reported.

In an Instagram post, Victoria's Secret model Sara Sampaio told social media to stop making anti-body comments about her super-skinny frame, saying "every body is different, and every metabolism is different!"

"I'm proud of my body and I'm not gonna let any of you bully me just because I'm skinny!" the 23-year-old model captioned her bikini selfie. "I eat a lot, so next time u decide to tell me to eat a burger remember I probably eat more burgers than you, I've always been skinnier, and probably will always be, I workout, I'm healthy and I'm happy!"

Sampaio, who is expected to walk the runway at the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show, called the "amount of hate" she and her model friends experience "ridiculous." The Portuguese model said she is "naturally skinny," and believes she shouldn't be criticized for it.

"U don't see us shaming other types of bodies so please don't come and shame ours! Be happy with ur body and stop shaming others! Whether they are skinny, fat, fit, with big boobs, small boobs etc! Don't share hate! Be happy," Sampaio added.

In anticipation for the upcoming Victoria's Secret fashion show, the company has uploaded several videos of their models opening up about their body types and being physically active - an effort to promote body acceptance.

"Knowing your body type...If I put up a picture of Candice, I'm like I want to have that body. Not in a million years am I gonna have that body, because my bone structure isn't built like her," Sampaio explained in a video.

The company changed their "Perfect Body" campaign message to read "A Body for Everybody." The change came after a petition accused the brand of promoting an "unhealthy and damaging message" to women.

 Don’t stress about what someone else has—love what u got! @sarasampaio #VSFashionShow #KnowYourBody #ModelTalk

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